Work hard and think harder. That is exactly how Novin’s story began. it’s 1984, Near the end of the cold War, a time of fevor and recovery and use national resources. The mind is Mohammed Aala, The soil is Lavasan, a small fertile village in a valley around Tehran, Iran. Water, central element of Novin’s story right from the very beginning. A source of inspiration, the resource used to create wellness

Rafi Navin Faucet Factory is the largest manufacturer of urinals in Iran with more than 40 years of experience in the specialized production of urinals and ball valves (petroleum blue) and ball valves.

standard badge

All the products produced in Rafi Navin factory have the national standard mark of Iran

leader in production

Production turns the economic wheel of our dear country and we proudly serve in this field

Modern devices

The use of new and modern devices increases the accuracy in product production

High Quality

The quality of Rafi Naveen products has made our respected customers trust us

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